Frequently Asked Questions

  • Creator merch shop, MarppleShop

    Meet official merchandise of creators here at MarppleShop.

    You can explore creators’ exclusive, limited merch that you have never seen elsewhere.
    MarppleShop prevents waste of resources through production without stocks and pursues value-based consumption that prioritizes customer/creator benefits.

  • How long does it take to receive my product?

    MarppleShop employs the method of order-made production, which creates products based on the number of orders.
    As a system that takes orders for a week and then goes through production/delivery the following week, it takes a certain period of time to have the order delivered. We individually instruct the estimated delivery date to customers.
    It may take more than a week to receive your order.

    ※ Please check My Page > Order Status for a more accurate estimated delivery date.

  • I received my product. Can I exchange, return, or get a refund?

    [Physical Goods]

    Due to the characteristics of order-made products, exchange/return/refund due to a simple change of mind is not available.

    However, if the received product is defective, you can get an exchange/return/refund according to the legislation regarding consumer protection in E-commerce. Please contact the Customer Center (1566-5496) or 1:1 Inquiry. Attach more than two photographs that show the defective part(s) well when you inquire, and we will help you as soon as possible.

    You cannot get an exchange for another product that you did not order.
    Please check further information about exchange and return in the Return/Exchange section under MarppleShop FAQ.

    You cannot exchange/return products for deformation or print damage due to inattentive washing. Please comply with the washing instructions.
    The more you are careful about washing, the longer and prettier you can enjoy your product.

    • Separate hand-washing recommended.
    • When using the washing machine, use a wash bag and neutral detergent/wool shampoo in cold water.
    • Refrain from using the dryer as products could be damaged at a high temperature
    • When using the iron, put a thin fabric on the printed side and iron the product (direct use of iron on the printed side can damage the product).
    • To prevent print damages, wash with inner and outer sides flipped.
    • When using detergent containing bleach or chlorine, the product may be bleached or deformed.
    • Wash bright colors with bright colors and dark colors with dark colors.

    [Digital Goods]
    Due to the characteristics of digital contents, you cannot get a refund for purchased images.
    You cannot transfer digital contents to others.
    You cannot get a refund for differences in resolution or image proportion by device.
    Any information including the copyright/portrait rights/property rights of contents, range of use, and texts used in images is provided by each seller, and we cannot 100% guarantee its accuracy.

  • Can I receive products from different seller shops in a bundle(at once)?

    When ordering from different seller shops, combined shipping is not available. If you add products from various seller shops to your cart and proceed with the payment, the shipping fee will be applied only once. However, each product will be processed individually based on its production schedule. Please note that customs duties may apply in this case.

    For items with seller-specific shipping, combined shipping is not possible as each seller will dispatch their products separately.
  • Can non-members order as well?

    Yes, non-members can place orders.
    Once the order is placed, your order status will be sent to the email address you entered. You will be able to check your order status and delivery information.

    When you become a member of MarppleShop, you can enjoy various events and benefits. Marpple members can use the same ID to explore and enjoy MarppleShop.